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Weapons Charges

The legislature is pretty picky about who gets to carry or possess weapons and under what circumstances. They have recently liberalized the carrying of weapons but the changes won't go into effect until November 1, 2019 and even then certain persons are not allowed to carry or possess weapons.

Most prominent among those persons are felons and I've seen everything from an old man with an ancient felony cradling his AR-15 on his lap while the maintenance man came to his apartment to a woman with an old drug charge with a small pistol to defend herself from her crazy son to a man with former burglary charges cleaning up his father's residence where his father stored his hunting rifles all get into trouble with the local police department over possessing a firearm after former conviction of a felony.

It is not unusual for the District Attorney in such cases to ask for a ten year prison sentence with some, but not nearly all, of the time suspended. Your facts and circumstances will vary and you need a consultation right away to defend your freedom from incarceration.

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