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Oklahoma County District Court

Oklahoma County District Court, Oklahoma


Oklahoma County District Court is where Oklahoma County Residents have Civil and Domestic matters litigated and where felony and misdemeanor crimes allegedly committed within Oklahoma County are prosecuted. It is located at 320 Robert S. Kerr, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102.


There is no free parking within reasonable walking distance. There are street parking meters that accept credit and debit cards about one block away from courthouse in each direction, however on busy days these are often full. If you run out of time on a meter the ticket is $15 if you pay within two weeks. They will continuously ticket you on the hour each hour at the same rate.

The easiest and most convenient parking is probably across the street at 321 Robert S. Kerr. Expect to spend at least eight dollars parking there and possibly more. Bring cash they do not accept credit or debit cards. 

There are other parking lots that I haven't used including valet-type parking. These appear to be more expensive.


Public Entrances are on the North side of the County Office Building and on the East Side of the courthouse proper (the courthouse is situated on the same lot as the County Office Building and entrance to one building gains you access to both). On busy days you can spend 20 minutes in line at the North Entrance. Litigants are advised not to be late, add twenty minutes to your schedule if your court appearance is set for 9:00 a.m. or 1:30 p.m. That said, if you are running late use the East entrance to the courthouse itself it is almost always faster though you have to walk farther from the usual parking spots.

At both entrances persons without badges are subject to search. This is usually just removing pocket contents and belts and placing them in a bowl for scanning by a metal detector. Anybody with a bag or briefcase can put their belts, keys, wallets, and other pocket contents in their bag or briefcase and skip the bowl.

Any prohibited items found during entry must be taken away from the building (to be returned to vehicle) or surrendered permanently to the Oklahoma County Sheriff for destruction.


There are elevators in both buildings. The elevators in the courthouse proper are very slow especially if you arrive at a busy time. The buildings, however, are connected by skyways on floors 3 and 5 so if one needs to go up several floors quickly they can take the County Office Building Elevators to floor 3 or 5 and cross over on the sky ways then if still not on the proper floor wait on the courthouse elevator or take stairs to the proper floor.


Regardless of what kind of case a litigant has this is generally not a good courthouse to show up late at. It is not uncommon for judges to order criminal defendants who arrive late to do 10 hours of community service or to stay in the courtroom until the final recess at about 5 p.m. Criminal defendants running late risk having a warrant issued for their arrest. Civil defendants running late don't have as much risk but may be required to return another day as the courts are busy and move onto other business quickly.

Dress Code

Generally speaking the dress code for litigants in Oklahoma County is more strictly enforced than in some other courts in the state. Wear proper clothing for court, not sports gear, sleep wear, open-toed shoes, or strapless dresses, etc. You are not required to wear a tie or a jacket, but you should not wear clothes with offensive words or pictures on them. If you are in doubt about what you are planning to wear consult with your attorney as the judges do have somewhat different requirements in this regard.


Do your best not to bring children to court. If you cannot avoid bringing children to court, you should bring another adult with you to watch them in the halls or waiting areas.