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McClain County District Court

McClain County District Court, Oklahoma

Location. The McClain County District Court is located at 121 N. 2nd Street, Purcell, Oklahoma 73080. There is significant free parking but it runs out fast on busy days meaning that occasionally a good walk is necessary.

Entrance and Security. The public entrance is on the East side of the Courthouse. A deputy runs a metal detector which all visitors must go through prior to further entry. If you are carrying any weapons or objects that can be used as weapons you will be directed to return them to your vehicle. If you leave them with the deputy they will not be returned to you after court. I have not witnessed any lines or undue delay upon entering the building, so arriving about five minutes early is generally sufficient unless your lawyer has asked you to arrive early.

Layout. The ground floor has various county offices and the Sheriff's Office while the second floor has the District Attorney's Office, the Court Clerk, and the Courtrooms. An elevator is available. If you do not know which court you are expected to be in the staff of the Court Clerk's Office can help you. They are pretty friendly.