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Family Law

Recent Case Results

  • A gentleman was faced with six counts of drug trafficking, with a lot of work, the ADA agreed to reduce the charges to Possession with Intent and instead of a very long prison sentence he received 5 years (non-85%). He was released before a year and a half passed when what the state initially wan... Read On

  • A young lady participated in a robbery of a local store. She cased the place and called in co-defendants when the customers were out. The two co-defendants wielded weapons in the robbery; one held a knife to the neck of an employee and another fired a pistol at a car in the parking lot. Bad situa... Read On

  • Mother and Father were never married and both started out pretty poor. They had a child together and then went their separate ways after a paternity suit with child custody being award to Mother. Mother was poor and arranged things as well as she could. Father moved to Texas and ended up startin... Read On

Family law issues are complicated emotionally and legally. The purpose of legal counsel in a family law proceeding is to guide the litigants and help them present their best case to the court so that the result is as fair as possible to the litigants and especially to any children that may be caught up in the matter. I have litigated hundreds of family law matters throughout central Oklahoma with many, many cases going to trial. Here is a partial list of the sorts of things I handle:

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