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Embezzlement is considered a white collar crime, but it carries stiff penalties.  Embezzlement involves a person entrusted with resources (typically money or store inventory) who uses the resources for unauthorized purposes. Embezzlement is often associated with businesses but also frequently arises in non-profit settings (e.g. Church) and among caretakers for the elderly (e.g. using a power of attorney but not for the benefit of the person who granted the power).

I find that few people accused of these crimes are "greedy" in the ordinary sense of that word. What I see instead is that people end up in a bad position of some sort (e.g. addiction or financial distress) that puts pressure on them to obtain money to relieve the distress (e.g. to gamble or use drugs or even just to pay their bills).

The State in these cases is generally concerned with restitution for the victim and, typically, education and probation for the offender. Defendants with prior accusations of financial crimes can face time in state prison. Getting a job handling money after being involved in an embezzlement case can be difficult.

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