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Child Support

The support of children comes up in divorce and paternity actions throughout Oklahoma. Once the Court establishes that there are children from a relationship it will consider how the parents should provide for them.

Every child deserves the love and physical support of both parents. Many times the parents' relationship does not last for whatever reason and while often the parents can decide on their own what, if anything, they need to exchange in order to properly support their mutual children, often times the hard feelings between parents can cloud their judgement.

This is where lawyers and courts can step in and be helpful. If necessary each parent can hire lawyers to determine what the appropriate support arrangement should be by referencing state guidelines and calculating based on objective measures of income. Each parent through counsel can present their calculation to the court and the judge will then decide what the proper support should be.

Usually judges will defer to the state guidelines in setting child support amounts, but the income data can be tricky for parents with unusual work arrangements such as seasonal work, self-employment, or other non-traditional scenarios. Then the judge must decide what the income of the parents is for the purpose of calculating.

Additionally, state benefits being provided for the children such as Soonercare or TANF will bring about the involvement of attorneys from the Oklahoma Department of Human Services who will make their own arguments about support and who by law will administer the child support that is ordered by the court in each case where the state is providing support for the children.

Child Support situations can be simple or complicated but each party is well served by at least having an attorney review the proposals submitted by the other party or the DHS lawyer even if the party doesn't elect to be represented throughout the entire process.