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Case Results

  • Six Counts of Trafficking Reduced to Possession with Intent

    September 2018

    A gentleman was faced with six counts of drug trafficking, with a lot of work, the ADA agreed to reduce the charges to Possession with Intent and instead of a very long prison sentence he received 5 years (non-85%). He was released before a year and a half passed when what the state initially wan... Read On

  • Robbery with a Weapon

    September 2019

    A young lady participated in a robbery of a local store. She cased the place and called in co-defendants when the customers were out. The two co-defendants wielded weapons in the robbery; one held a knife to the neck of an employee and another fired a pistol at a car in the parking lot. Bad situa... Read On

  • Child Custody Defense and Child Support Modification

    October 2013

    Mother and Father were never married and both started out pretty poor. They had a child together and then went their separate ways after a paternity suit with child custody being award to Mother. Mother was poor and arranged things as well as she could. Father moved to Texas and ended up startin... Read On

  • Animal Cruelty

    October 2017

    A marine corps Vietnam veteran in small Oklahoma town became very depressed and severely neglected himself and his companion animals. (Luckily none of them died and with my client's full cooperation they were successfully rehomed.) The neighbors noticed and complained to the police who got a warr... Read On

  • Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Case Dismissed

    October 2018

    Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Charge Dismissed Read On

  • Policy Limits Tendered in Midwest City, Oklahoma ($25,000.00)

    I represented a lady with no insurance who was driving in Midwest City anyway. She was hit by another driver who had insurance when they crossed the center line. The insurance company admitted the fault of their driver but initially denied payment due to my client driving illegally without insura... Read On

  • Shooting with Intent to Kill and Drive-By Shooting reduced to Probation on Domestic Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon

    In Oklahoma City, a lady was in a car driven by her friend. She and her friend were hailed by her husband. She had an argument with her husband and ended up being assaulted by him. As he walked away from the assault she pulled out a handgun and fired two shots in his general direction striking th... Read On

  • Rape 2 (Statutory Rape) Reduced to Outraging Public Decency

    A young man used a social app and met another young man who represented himself as being 18 years old. They liked each other and had sexual relations shortly after meeting. Turns out he was only 15. In Oklahoma it doesn't matter that the younger man lied about his age, somehow the (only slightly)... Read On

  • Child Custody: Child Illegally Removed to Montana Recovered and Returned to Oklahoma

    June 2014

    A lady and her parents from southwest Oklahoma came to me and explained that they hadn't seen the lady's little girl in a couple of years because after a custody order was entered granting the parents joint custody the father had left the state with her and refused to send her back. Over the nex... Read On

  • Trafficking Reduced to Possession with Intent

    June 2017

    A client with many former drug convictions had his fiancé call me. It turned out that he threw a bag of meth under his car in a convenience store parking lot when the police approached him. They saw him do it and retrieved the drugs. Because of the weight of the meth it was filed as a traffickin... Read On

  • Robbery Prison Recommendation Changed to RID/DSP on Lesser Charge

    August 2019

    Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon is a serious offense that carries a minimum of 5 years in prison and a maximum of life. Prison time is the norm for offenders convicted of this offense and 85% of all time received at sentence must be completed prior to any early release for good behavior. A young... Read On