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Automobile Collisions

Drivers in Oklahoma have auto accidents every day. Many times no one is injured, the cars are repaired, and life goes on. But often enough, someone is significantly injured and their life can grind to a near halt.

When someone is injured from a car wreck very often they can not continue the work they were doing until they heal and the result is a financial death spiral. They lose their job, then, eventually, their home, and, sometimes, their family. The disruption is too great.

This spiral is enhanced by the frequent reluctance of insurance companies to pay claims in a timely manner and in the amount warranted by the injuries. Insurance companies make money by collecting premiums; paying damages is a necessity they avoid as often as possible. To be sure there are good insurance companies and not-so-good ones in this regard, but all them ultimately work on the same principles.

Skilled counsel can help you navigate these pitfalls and get your life back on track as soon as possible. If you have been injured in a car or motorcycle wreck and need the assistance of counsel, then call right away. Delay can be costly.